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6pm is an online discount clothing store that specializes in selling shoes, clothing, bags, watches, and sunglasses. The store sells merchandise from several different popular name brands and designers. 6pm offers a wide range of clothing items, shoes, and accessories for sale for women, men, and children. They even have an electronics department where discounted electronic products (such as video games, DVDs, and video game systems) are sold. 6pm offers such a wide range of products to choose from that it is easy to spend hours browsing through the websites inventory. 6pm is the perfect online store for the bargain hunter. One of the most appealing aspects of placing an order with 6pm is the low cost of shipping. The store's standard shipping costs are $6.95 per order, no matter how large an order is. Customers are not only saving money on name brand products, but they are also getting a great bargain on shipping.


Payment methods  : Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express.
Shipping costs  : Standard shipping is $6.95 per order, no matter how much you buy. 1-Day business delivery is $25 per order.
Delivery time  : Standard shipping usually takes 4-5 business days.
Return policy  : Return your order within 30 days for a refund. No exchanges are permitted.
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